Testimonial I

Hello I was just reading through your website as I just moved to Calgary and right away thank you, there is some amazing stuff you give out for free and some advise I really needed, I am happily married but my wife lives back in BC, I hope to get her out here in a month or two and once that happens I want to wow her with being a changed man. for the first 6 years of our marriage I can honestly say I was an amazing lover but we spent endless time together, after having kids we both rarely had time together and I am sadly embarrassed to say I took to freeing my stress myself as we went from once to twice a day down to once or twice a month. After about a year like this I can honestly say I rushed myself every time and became a terrible lover. Things on your site gave me a lot to think about, A lot of realization. Another thing is you are a stunning woman and you should be proud of the things you do and the people you help.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and to thank you for giving me the push I needed to try harder.

Have a happy healthy and exciting life
Keep making the world better

Testimonial II

Sam in Vancouver:

I had gone to see Ms. Kwok and wasn't sure what to expect as it was my first encounter.

I have little experience in meditation and the chi. Especially on how it relates to sexuality.

Ms. Kwok was able to quickly figure me out and determine what I wanted and needed. The setting was comfortable and relaxing to put you at ease to discuss your experiences.

Ms. Kwok was able to talk to me calmly about what I needed to do. She is very observant.

In the end, I learned a great deal more than what I was expecting when I walked in.

Thanks Ms. Kwok.

Testimonial III

Anonymous Client:

I had been introduced to Ms. Kwok and I was immediately impressed with her insight and the experience with her left a deep impression on me.

I had been having personal difficulties and was lacking in self confidence. Ms. Kwok was ever so helpful to me and always kind and professional.

With the training and consulting and meditations I was made ever more aware of my inner self and what I needed to become more in control of my emotions and gain confidence in myself.

I have gained so much from the Chi Healing and coaching Ms. Kwok has given me the tools and skills I have achieved confidence and self awareness as a human being.

I am always so grateful for her gifts and I feel so blessed to have met this special lady.