If you wish to attain a higher level of existence you first need to learn more about the hidden energy that pervades the universe and the planes of existence which arise out of that universal energy.


People fall into four basic categories according to their beliefs:


1.  Those who do not believe in the existence of a soul. These people believe that when we die then we simply cease to exist. Everything that once defined that person as a sentient being is gone. All that remains after death is a heap of decaying matter, nothing more


2.  Those who believe in the existence of a soul that survives the death of the body and that this soul will either ascend to heaven or descend into hell according to the balance between their sins and good deeds while in the living body on earth


3.   Those who believe in the existence of an immortal soul, which will be reborn randomly in another body after death in a continual cycle of death and rebirth; and


4.   Those who not only believe in the existence of an immortal soul, which will be reborn upon death but also that this rebirth is not random. They believe that the type of rebirth is dependent upon the balance of good and bad karma accumulated in previous lives. Such people believe that by the accumulation of good karma in this life they may achieve a better birth in the next life, or even escape from the cycle of death and rebirth altogether.


You yourself are at one of these four levels of belief about the nature of the soul and its existence. These levels may be seen as a hierarchy of successive levels of understanding, progressing from level 1 to level 4, which is the correct view and the only path to nirvana and everlasting bliss.