Looking for a Healthy Mind & Body?
Ms. J M Kwok, Chi Health Therapist

Hi! Let me introduce myself. I'm a highly trained and experienced eastern therapist, who has helped many people with all kinds of physical and emotional health problems, especially those related to ageing, through my healing touch.

While I specialize in men's health problems, I also help women, and couples, to lead healthier and happier lives; both in and out of bed. Not only that but I have helped many couples having trouble conceiving a wanted child.

You may be sceptical about the power of chi but, once  you feel the force of chi emanating from Ms. Kwok's magic hands, you will believe in spite of yourself. You can actually feel the heat radiating from her hands on your body. Click here for more about 'magic hands'.

Ms. Kwok was featured by China Fortune magazine as one of the world's top Chi healing therapists and was chosen by the internationally known magazine to be their front page cover story in December 2008.​She has appeared as a visiting expert on Vancouver talk radio.

How my service works


I help people achieve physical and emotional well-being through my hands-on touch. Initially I will evaluate your mind, body and emotional reaction through touch and observation. Then I will coach you, while I touch you with my soft healing hands where you need to be treated and relieve the stress and tension in your body. 

Physical & Emotional Healing

People come to me with all kinds of physical and emotional problems. We live in an age of stress. I can help you take charge of your life once more and reduce or eliminate the stress that you feel every day. I can help you not only with sexual problems but also problems of ageing like night urination.


From the bottom of my heart, thank you for what you have done for me. My wife and I now have a bond we would never have thought possible until I received advice from you. Before, my wife and I were often at odds but, thanks to your coaching, we have become closer than I ever could have dreamed. You will always have my heartfelt thanks, James 43.

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