What are Magic Hands?

What can Magic Hands do?

The first thing many clients notice is the warm heat that emanates from Junie's palms when she lays her magic hands on a problem area of their body. You will feel the energy flow into your body relaxing you to the point where you may even fall asleep. It is something you have to experience for yourself to believe.

Ms. Kwok's magic hands not only project healing energy but she can also use them to sense and check your energy level and the health of your whole body. She can even sense your blood circulation.

The magic of chi healing can help you to recharge your mental and physical energy; including your libido and improve your control of your sexual side ....

People have found that Junie's magic hands-on treatment eases their bodily aches and pains and, moreover, the stress relief they feel from her TLC has helped get clients out from under the tyranny of drink, drugs, and other addictions.

Andy 60 from Vancouver: I hurt my back during a yoga class while doing upward facing dog. I went to 3 different massage therapists seeking relief, without success. They cracked every bone in my back but never fixed the problem. I was having painful spasms nearly every 20 minutes. I desperately turned to Craigslist. Fortunately for me, in Ms. Kwok's ad I saw the words 'healing touch', so I made an appointment to see her. After just one session, I felt 90% better. I went back two days later and after that the pain was completely gone and never returned. Some months later I coughed in my sleep as I was turning and pulled another muscle. It felt so bad, I thought I had broken a rib. When Ms. Kwok laid her hands on me and I could feel heat coming out of them into my back. Incredulous, I grabbed her hand and felt it. The temperature of her hand was normal. In that instant I became a believer in chi, because I felt it first hand.