Special Group Trial Offer
  • Introductory sessions to groups of 5-15 people for a minimum donation of $20.00 each. I have space at my location for 15 people or, if you prefer, I will come to your location and introduce you and your friends to the chi. I will read your energy and tell you about your problems and how to deal with them.


​Training in Chi
  • For those who wish to delve deeper into chi practice I offer a course of 10 sessions, each lasting from 45 minutes to an hour, for $250.


​Certificate Course in Chi
  • If you are encouraged enough by your success in initial sessions, you may  want to move on to more advanced practice and learn how to help and heal others. The course will include:


  • meditation techniques

  • connecting to the chi

  • education on matters of mind, body, health,  and soul

  • spiritual studies