Expectations and the Limits of Chi Power


Many people pray for blessings from the Buddha and Bodhisattvas. But, when they do not get what they’ve asked for, they blame it on them and the spiritual energy. The truth is there are three things with which even the Buddha cannot help:


  1. Clearing up your all your karmic debt,

  2. Making everyone a believer. For example, God may exist but that does not mean he can make you become his disciple. I always say that you can tear down a mountain but you cannot force a human soul to change, and

  3. Changing your life if it is not meant to be. What you have done will sooner or later will turn back upon you or your loved ones, or both.


My Grand Master has told me that instead of a one hundred pound weight dropping on my head and killing me, the best he can do is break it up into smaller pieces. It might be very annoying and I might get hit many times over several years, but at least I’m still alive; a far less harmful thing than being hit once and killed by a hundred pound weight. That is the kind of difference a chi power blessing can make.