Chi and Chinese Alternative Health Care


We are born, we age, we get sick, and in the end we die. There’s no escape. As we get old, our health declines and our energy becomes weaker.


Energy surrounds our bodies. There is energy not only inside our bodies, in our blood, but also externally around our bodies. When your energy level is high, you sleep better and, in turn, your mind is healthier. When your mind feels awake and alive then, even if you are old, you still feel young in your mind and heart. If we don’t feel healthy and we are not alert, we lose control and make mistakes, which we’ll regret later. So, this is why, with a sense of well-being and good health, life can be so much better.


Chi is energy. Health problems have a variety of causes, including: genetic predisposition, bad habits, wrong food choices, and aging. Because of these, you end up with poor blood circulation, a restless mind, sleeplessness, family troubles, false friends, problems associated with work and money, and more. If you learn to be mindful of your weaknesses, you can change your life for the better. You can learn how to relax your mind when faced with troubles. If you can learn how to treat your mind, your body, and your soul, then time will be your doctor. Having a good philosophy, a good set of ideas about how to live and conduct your life, will free you from the pain you may be experiencing now. Learning how to relax your mind alone will heal you in many ways. You will be better able to determine whose advice you should follow. You will start eating a healthy diet, and exercise to strengthen your body.


Many people have health problems due to a weakened immune system. However, if we have a good energy level, we become very positive and find ways to strengthen it. If not, people end up on a never ending regimen of ever increasing medication, which western doctors often are only too happy to prescribe. As a result, they worry all the time and slide down into depression; they seem to be just waiting for illness to take them away and put an end to their troubles. They are no longer really living. They are just waiting to die.


I have gone through a lot of difficulties with my own health. I suffered from high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I was plagued with allergies. I developed arthritis in my hands, which affected my work. I endured horrible facial nerve pain on and off over a period of three years. I had problems with my menstrual cycle. Over one six month time span, my period never seemed to stop and I lost all of my old blood. And, because during this time, I began to practice exercises to strengthen my chi energy, and I started eating right, getting proper rest, and doing physical exercise, my new blood was infused with increased energy and built up on proper nutrition. The result was that my high blood pressure and high cholesterol vanished.


My allergies used to be so bad that over-the-counter medication was no longer effective and I was forced to see a doctor to prescribe stronger anti-allergy drugs. However, since I began doing exercises to strengthen my chi energy, I seem to have much more control over my allergies. I only need to take regular non-prescription allergy pills for one to two days before I feel normal again. My stronger immune system now fights off the allergy.


Whenever my body begins to feel sore, then I exercise more to help loosen my joints. I become more active, do more stretching, and keep warm. I eat more cleansing foods, like onion, garlic, and ginger, to aid in the elimination of toxins. I eat more vegetables and fruit that are higher in yang energy. I try to avoid damp places. And, I relax and meditate more to help my energy drive out the toxins from within. When I do all this, I find that my arthritis definitely improves.


The pain caused by my facial nerve was at times so excruciating that sometimes I needed to rush to emergency twice in one day. I was eating Tylenol 3 like candy, but it was barely effective in calming down the pain. My spiritual teacher told me that I must learn to forgive people who upset me and make me mad or sad. He said that I should relax and meditate in order to open my heart and let go of anger. He further advised me to keep my head warm and to go to sleep early. His advice worked and I have been free of any major pain for over two years now. Sometimes, when I allow myself to get restless and stressed, I will notice a little pain starting in my face. This is a warning that I should relax and de-stress right away; that I should keep my heart happy by letting go of any bad feelings, which may be arising. I also pay particular attention to my digestion. I drink at least seven cups of warm water every day. To help relax my mind I take vitamin B complex tablets. I work less and cultivate a happy disposition. If I do these things, I soon find I’m back to my normal self.


As you can see from my own example, except for some things, nothing can totally eliminate health problems that have already arisen. You have created them by bad choices you have made in the past. You can’t undo them. What you can do is lessen the effects and improve your health. When I needed help, I was fortunate to find my chi energy teacher. Since then I have trained how to help others in turn.


Chinese alternative health care treatment does not just involve popping pills prescribed by some doctor, your entire lifestyle is involved, your daily routines determine your health. You need to understand how to control your mind and your impulses; how to look after your body. You are what you are because of your past habits. You need to cultivate good habits, so that your health and well-being will improve. You need to gain wisdom and knowledge about how your body works. Everyone is different. What works for one person, won’t necessarily work for another. You need to experiment on yourself to see what works for you. You can only do this, if you become mindful of your body. Ask yourself why you are not feeling good today. Where did I go? Who was I with? Why did the pain come, or go away, today? Analyze what you ate, what you did or did not do, and so on.


While chi does help your health, your health depends on more than your energy alone. Chi is like computer software, while your body is like the hardware. You need to have all the components working together properly. Before you can heal your body, you first have to heal your soul. When your soul is healthy, then you will get to know yourself, care for yourself, and treat yourself with love.